5 Steps for Effective AdWords Campaign Management

5 Steps for Effective AdWords Campaign Management

Adwords campaign management can be quite complex. We look at 5 simple steps to improve performance, lower costs and increase conversions.

12Aug 2015

Adwords campaign management means different things to different people. To some, it means setting up a campaign, crossing your fingers and hoping the conversions start rolling in. In reality, effective Adwords campaign management requires constant attention, at the very least on a weekly basis. Below we look at 5 steps which contribute to a well optimised Adwords search campaign, and actually reduce your spend whilst helping to increase conversions.

1)    Manual Bid Adjustments

Yes, you can opt for automatic bidding but this is rarely an effective strategy. By opting for automated bidding you give up far too much control and can often spend huge amounts of budget on a single click.

It’s far better to adjust your bids manually, little and often, with the aim of having your keywords appear in an Average Position of 1 – 3. Appearing within the top 3 positions of the search results will help to achieve the best possible Click Thru Rate. And, in turn, a decent CTR will contribute to a higher Quality Score. And the higher your Quality Score, the lower your Cost Per Click will be.



 2)    Keyword Culling

Monitoring and maintaining the performance of individual keywords is essential to successful Adwords campaign management. Poor performing keywords within an Ad Group can have a detrimental effect on your whole campaign!

Where a keyword has poor Average Position and a Quality Score of 3 or below, it will follow that the CTR is also low. In these cases, it’s unlikely that any bid adjustments will improve performance so the keyword should be paused.

3)    Match Type Maintenance

Refining a keyword’s Match Type will often help improve its CTR and subsequent Quality Score. Adwords campaign management best practice is to refine a keyword only one match type at a time.

When adjusting match types, ensure that you pause the original keyword and add the same keyword again, but with the new Match Type. Adjusting Match Type by simply editing the keyword results in losing all data associated with the original keyword and match type!

4)    Review the Search Terms Report

The Search Terms Report is one of the most important tools in Adwords campaign management.  Regularly reviewing this report helps you to mine additional keywords and, more importantly, add negative keywords to block irrelevant traffic.

When adding negative keywords you should add the offending search term as an Exact Match negative term (as is the default setting). Then add any unwanted individual words as a single Broad Match negative keyword. For instance, if you sell only red shoes you would add [blue leather shoes] as an Exact Match negative term and also add blue as a Broad Match negative.

5)    Rotate Ad Copy

It’s best practice to have at least 2 text ads running per ad group at any one time. This allows you to split test their performance and write new ad copy based closely on the best performing ad.

Another tip for creating new ad copy is to find the keyword with the most impressions within the relevant ad group and use it wherever possible within the ad text.


Adwords is the fastest way of getting your products and services appearing in Google search results just when your potential customers are looking for them. However, many people make the mistake of thinking it’s a low maintenance, ‘set and forget’ solution.

Good Adwords campaign management involves constant, regular maintenance. This will help ensure that you appear above your competition in search results, improve Quality Score and reduce your Cost Per Click. The less you pay per click, the more visitors your budget will stretch to. And the more visitors you drive, the more conversions you are likely to get!


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