Free Adwords Campaign Audit


If you’re currently using Adwords to promote your business, we offer a completely free Adwords campaign audit. You’ll be surprised how much a campaign can be improved with input from our Google accredited Adwords experts.


Account structure review

As part of our free Adwords campaign audit, our consultants will review your account structure to ensure it best supports your campaigns.

We provide advice on how you can improve the structure of your account, to make it as simple to manage as possible and target the web traffic which will bring the best return on your investment.

Landing page review

We will review your landing pages and advise on how the page structure can be optimised to get the most from your campaign.

We examine the web copy to ensure that it’s as relevant to your campaign as possible and make suggestions on how it can be improved. We will also advise on how conversions can best be recorded so you can see, at a glance, which keywords are the most profitable so you can focus your time and budget effectively.

Ad group review

We will ensure that the ad groups within your campaign are effectively targeting traffic that is likely to convert into a sale.

Our consultants will make suggestions on how you can split your campaign into ad groups, increase your Quality Score and pay as little as possible for quality clicks, which are far more likely to convert.

Ad copy review

Writing effective copy for ads on the Google network is not as easy as you might imagine. It can be difficult to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and identify copy that will encourage visitors to click through and ultimately make a purchase.

We will advise on ad copy that supports your ad groups and targets profitable web visitors. Our ad copy suggestions will also ensure that your keywords within an ad group are as relevant as possible, leading to a reduction in the price you pay for each click.

Keyword review

Our consultants will recommend the best keywords and search terms to make your campaign successful. We will identify the keywords that are most likely to result in a conversion.

Just as important as the keywords in your campaign are the negative keywords (words or phrases that suggest a visitor is not yet ready to convert). Our consultants will advise on the most effective negative keywords, to ensure that you attract relevant web traffic which is far more likely to convert.

Free adwords campaign audit – The report

Our free adwords campaign audit report will provide a blueprint for you to improve your PPC campaigns and start seeing a better return on your Adwords investment.

Unlike some agencies, we won’t hound you to purchase our services once we’ve produced your report. All we ask is that you recommend our services to others, once you’ve seen the improvements we can make.

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