B2B Lead Generation

Anybody involved in selling products and services to corporate decision makers knows that the B2B sales cycle can be a long and sometimes frustrating process. Our unique, B2B lead generation solution helps to radically shorten sales cycles and target those prospects that are much more likely to convert into sales.


Our LeanLeads™  B2B lead generation process targets and identifies your website visitors who are actively searching for your services, but not yet ready to make an enquiry on your website.

Because we can identify web visitors before they’ve submitted their contact details, they enter the sales funnel at a much earlier stage. And because we’ve targeted traffic that demonstrates a clear intent to purchase, the lead nurturing required before they convert to a sale is drastically reduced.

LeanLeads™ can even identify the search term that the visitor used to find your website. This enables us to secure you an appointment, using exactly the same language the prospect used when searching for your services.

The LeanLeads 3 Step B2B Lead Generation Process

Search Engine Marketing
Our B2B search engine marketing specialists will take the time to fully understand your business, its objectives and your products and services. Using this knowledge and tightly defined keywords, they target highly relevant traffic, whose search terms demonstrate a clear intent to purchase.



Visitor Intelligence
Our visitor intelligence system identifies the business name, the specific location, phone number and the key decision maker responsible for purchasing your services. In addition to this, the system records what page they landed on, which pages they visited and how long they spent on each, providing valuable insight into the business needs of the visitor.


Telemarketing Follow Up
Our specialist B2B telemarketing team are experts in the complex, high value B2B sales cycle. Knowing the search terms that led a visitor to your website means they can quickly provide the key information that matters to the prospect. We don’t work from scripts, but build a dialogue with the lead until they’re ready to pass to your sales team, set up an appointment or sign up to a free trial.

Because every business is different, our LeanLeads™ solution is bespoke to the requirements of each individual client. We take the time to understand your business model and objectives, and structure the solution to meet your unique needs.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help kick start your B2B lead generation campaigns, please drop us an email to arrange a no obligation discussion.

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